Spencertown Academy Juried Photography Show

Two of my photographs have been selected for this show.

Yoshino Cherry Trees

Yoshino Cherry Trees

Opening Reception
Saturday, June 22, 4 PM – 6 PM

Exhibition Dates:
June 23 through July 14, 2019

Spencertown Academy
Arts Center

790 Route 203, Spencertown, NY

Gallery Hours:
1 PM – 5 PM
Saturday and Sunday

Driftwood, Bandon Beach

Driftwood, Bandon Beach

Seeking a Wider Audience

I have started to create collections of my photographs that can be downloaded and viewed for free from my website. Each of these downloaded collections, in the form of a PDF file, will explore an idea, a place, a feeling — any subject that has inspired me in some way. My goal is to gain a wider audience by providing a convenient and pleasing way to view my portfolios and other collections of images. Please take a look at my first two offerings and let me know what you think. Then check back for new ones in the future.

Four Intimate Landscape Photographs in Juried Show

I am fortunate to have four of my intimate black and white landscapes chosen in a juried exhibition art at the Meeting House Gallery in New Marlborough, Massachusetts from June 23 - July 22. 

Each of Backer’s black and white digital photos captures a scene of the natural world, cut into vivid shapes where rigid lines of rock, sand and wood collide and intersect....One photo titled Driftwood at Bandon Beach, taken in Oregon, features a large piece of driftwood set against a sheer rock face. Without color to provide definition for the eye, the driftwood appears almost alien, the husk of some otherworldly creature washed ashore on a beach of some distant planet.
— Berkshire Record, June 22-28, 2018

My 12 Best Pictures of 2017

I find that It is good exercise to review the photos I took in the year past and to choose the ones I like the best. This process gives me the perspective of time to see what worked, what did not, and how I "see" and make images may have changed from the year before — hopefully for the better. Here are the 12 photos I selected from 2017.

Telouet – Kasbah of the Glaouis

The Kasbah of the Glaouis is not old, yet it is one of the most important sights of yesterday’s Morocco. The story began during the hard winter of 1893, when Sultan Moulay Hassan was stranded here. He, and his army of 3,000 was well taken care of by the two brothers Glaoui, Madani and T’Hami. In return of their services, they were given political power of Morocco south of High Atlas Mountains. In the years that followed the Glaoui brothers strengthened their position, and when the French came some 20 years later, they started a cooperation with them as well. By the end of the French colonial period, the Glaouis were almost as strong in power as the sultan himself.
— looklex.com

 After Morocco's independence in 1956, the Glaoui family was evicted and the kasbah was left to ruin. These photographs are of the opulent interior rooms, slowly decaying.

"Roma Pizzeria" Selected as Finalist

My photograph, Roma Pizzeria, has been selected from over 800 entries as a finalist in Sohn Fine Art Gallery's 4th Annual Juried Exhibition. The exhibition at the gallery, in Lenox, MA, runs March 20 – May 3. The group show of 20 photographs is a wonderful cross-section of contemporary photography. The exhibition is a benefit for Berkshire Creative, an organization dedicated to sustaining and growing the creative economy in ways that impact life in the Berkshires. 

Installation at Sohn Fine Art Gallery © Lee Backer 2015

Installation at Sohn Fine Art Gallery © Lee Backer 2015